How to choose your back board

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All Sketch & Etch Neons will come mounted onto a back board.

There are 2 things to consider when deciding on your back board finishes.

1. The Cut

You're able to choose from 4 different back board cut options when creating your custom Neon sign.

Cut to Shape (or Letter)

Our most popular option, 'Cut to Shape' follows the silhouette of your Neon sign. It creates a durable finish to your Neon sign, so it can be enjoyed for years to come. It also provides a more discreet finish and is often a favorite for Neons used at weddings and events. This cut allows the Neon to be hung or fixed to a wall.

Customers often select this option if their Neon is a handwritten or script type font (e.g. 'The Smiths'), for shapes or artwork (e.g. a star), or for logos. Here are a few examples.


Another popular choice, 'Rectangle' back boards are just that - a rectangle acrylic backing. This can work particularly well for bold or capital letter fonts, and for images where customers want to achieve an 'artwork' effect. This cut allows the Neon to be hung or fixed to a wall.

Here are a few examples.

Rectangle with Stand

The 'Rectangle with Stand' back board is the ideal choice for customers wanting a free-standing Neon sign. The Neon will be mounted onto a rectangle acrylic backing and come with clear acrylic feet to slot your Neon sign into.

Please note, this free-standing option is better suited to smaller and medium Neon signs.

Splash Proof Box

The 'Splash Proof Box' is a great choice for customers wanting a larger free-standing Neon, or for a Neon that may be lightly exposed to the elements. The Neon will be fixed to the back panel of the box. These Neon signs are also ideal for customers wanting to display their sign on the ground or to be used at an outdoors event.

A few things to note:

  • We recommend the Splash Proof Box be displayed standing, not hung
  • This option only comes in clear acrylic
  • The approximate 'depth' or 'width' of the Splash Proof Box is 5cm/2 inches
  • The Splash Proof Box can be made with keyholes on the back to allow for hanging, however this may compromise the splash-proofing. If you are looking to include keyholes, please get in touch with us to discuss prior to placing an order.
  • The warranty for Neons with this finish is 3 months (vs our extended 24 month warranty)

Here are a couple of examples.

2. The Color


Our standard and most popular acrylic back board color is Clear! It provides a subtle finish to your Neon sign, and allows the Neon to take front and center stage. Here are some examples of Neons with a clear back board.


We also offer Black Gloss, White Gloss, Silver Mirror and Gold Mirror acrylic as back board options through our Online Neon Builder.

However, we offer endless color options for our back boards, as well as back boards that use a combination of different colored acrylics, UV printing on back boards, and more! Get in touch with us here to chat about a specialty design.

Here are some examples of what our customers have created.

Black Gloss

White Gloss

Gold Mirror

Silver Mirror

Red Mirror

Blush Pink

UV Print and Neon

The possibilities are endless, and it can be tricky to decide on your final finish! Questions? We're here to help. Contact our team and we will happily guide you through this process.

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